About Us

Our company has been established for people who like contemporary design and luxury surfaces.

We would like to introduce our products as imitation of concrete, panDOMO system, Epoxy and polyurethane surfaces, Metallic surfaces, Epoxy-cement surfaces a Corten-system.

We create special surfaces based on these pruducts with the highest quality, luxury appearance and the highest resistance.

These products are very popular among architects last years. Our projests are created with maximal effort in comercial and private sectors. The goal of our work is being precize at all directions. We are progressive at work and also we are able to develop a new technologies.

Map of our work


Designer:Petr Humpolíček
Phone+420 775 068 353
Showroom:+420 533 312 667
Company addressMODERN SURFACES
Chládkova 24/B
616 00 Brno
Account number 2700676676/2010

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